• I need to redesign the post section. It's not working as planned but that's not on the top of the priority list


  • Removed random colored background and logo, made it black and white for now
  • Added a background image as well, to go with the new colors
  • Currently studying: PHP, jQuery, bash and wordpress theme development
  • Can't suggest Codeschool and Treehouse highly enough!


  • Solved the video driver issue by uninstalling bumblebee
  • Finally got to learn git basics using terminal
  • Have re-re-setup my local file structure, git and website. Completely in terminal.
  • Up next: Learn more git/terminal


  • Went to learn about ubuntu/terminal and neither my mouse or video drivers work.
  • Fixed mouse issue
  • Really hating video drivers right about now


  • Struggled with multiple github accounts, want to learn more about the unix terminal
  • Synced github with my new local setup
  • Installed ubuntu dualboot
  • Added posts to the site (Hey there!)


  • Discovered brackets and oh my
  • Setup brackets, ftp, local folders, etc
  • Learned JSLint basics
  • Overhauled the file structure both server and local, setup github
  • Redesgined dustwise and will continue to update